Facilitation, Workshops and Consultancy

Photo of social dreaming workshop by Erika Stevenson

    I seek to work with a pluralised understanding of the world that foregrounds marginalised ways of knowing and thinking. This informs all the work I undertake, including research, facilitation and consultancy.

    I have facilitated the development and delivery of high-quality arts projects with different communities across Scotland since 2016. This has included co-created artworks (Govanhill Baths Community Trust, 2021-23), community consultations (Bablyon Arts and National Trust, 2023), working groups (GAMIS, 2021-22; EMBASSY Gallery 2017), place-based projects (Artlink Central, 2019-21), development programmes (Impact Arts, 2018-2019), workshops (Stellar Quines, 2022; Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2020; Fife Contemporary 2018; MAP Magazine, 2018; Imaginate, 2017; The Art School, 2017-18) and creative resources (Newcastle University, 2019; A Moment’s Peace, 2020-21). As a consultant I support arts orgnaisations to embed access and care into the core of their activites, predominantly focussing on barriers to inclusion around race, gender, sexuality, age and disability.

    I speak English and Farsi, but often work in multicultural, multilingual contexts and am comfortable holding space for the flexible, culturally sensitive modes of communication this requires. I have attended training sessions on autism, dementia, challenging behaviour, safeguarding and GDPR.

    In recent years I have also facilitated in walking together we make the path, a social dreaming inspired workshop, for organisations including Culture Collective (2023), Govanhill Baths Community Trust (2021-23), Devonshire Collective (2023) and Eastside Projects (2021).

Photo of the dreamlands pottery workshop by Erika Stevenson